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Should I Ship To The Advance Warehouse Or Direct To Show?

March 9th, 2008 by Bruce --> · 5 Comments

Tags: Material Handling · Trade Show Freight

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  • 1 Trade Show Help // Mar 9, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    Kim, Hi welcome about our little trade show help community.

    If at all possible always ship to advance warehouse rather than direct to show. Here’s a few reasons why:

    1. On the first day of move in your freight will be waiting for you at your booth space, ship direct to show and the truck is going to be in line at the marshaling yard at 8:00 AM and your I&D team (the guys that build your booth) are going to be twiddling their thumbs waiting for your booth to be delivered at the same time.

    2. The safety factor, what if something goes wrong with shipping, a snowstorm for example, if you ship to the warehouse you can buy some extra time to take those little trade show emergencies in stride.

    3. Smaller packages can be shipped in UPS or FedEx economy as they don’t need to ship to arrive a certain day. Ship direct to show and you’ll only be left with overnight shipping and that costs about 3 times more.

    4. Waiting time, you will be paying by the hour to have your truck wait in line at the marshaling yard. This could get costly, as the average wait time is usually about 3 hours. I have seen it run up to 8 hours for some of the larger trade shows.

    Consolidation for shipping is very important too, as every package shipped to the show has a minimum weight charge and it is usually 200 lbs.

    That means every package gets charged for material handling like it is a 200 lb skid. Send a dozen individual boxes of literature to the show and you just spent the difference in flying first class or coach.

    If you still have any questions on trade show freight please let us know.

  • 2 Rachel // Jun 6, 2008 at 7:08 am

    Are you seeing any trends with the increasing fuel surcharges being added onto freight for local trade shows?

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  • 4 Dean // May 3, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    That’s a weighted question and depends on a number of factors….

    If my client’s booth contains a lot of valuable properties/components, I recommend for them to ship direct to the show site whenever possible. In the long run, we find that most damages occur when booths are shipped to the advanced warehouse. It’s a simple reason, they try to cram as much as they possibly can into the advanced warehouse, or onto the empty semi-trailers they are using as an advanced warehouse in many cases. They will often stack items that shouldn’t be stacked, smush, push, and pull things to make them all fit. Even the best made crates will often end up with fork-holes and other damage from Advanced Warehouses. I had one client that had to replace their graphics and graphics case about 3 times in 4 years because of damaged…which occured at the advanced warehouse, but the shows NEVER owned up to it. I recommended that we start sending direct to show site and they haven’t had to replace the graphics or ANY case/crate in their booth for the last 4 years that we’ve now been shipping their stuff direct to site.

    But, as the person above stated…there are some extras items to coordinate with your set-up crews and so forth if shipping direct to show site, but shouldn’t be a problem in the end.


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