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Designing Your Trade Show Exhibit

September 8th, 2008 by Trade Show Help --> · 1 Comment

What are some of the steps to think about when you begin your exhibit design and your strategy for trade shows?

When you begin the process of designing your trade show exhibit, you need to ask yourself some basic questions.

1. What kind of image do you want to convey with your trade show exhibit?

Your exhibit booth should project your company’s personality, this will create an emotional reaction with your prospects, and people do buy for emotional reasons. If your trade show exhibit is inviting and comfortable, prospects are more at ease, and more likely to approach you with their questions.

2. Decide early on what you want your trade show exhibit to accomplish.

The goals you set can dictate the size of your trade show exhibit. With an open and inviting trade show exhibit, you can generate leads and boost your traffic. If you are more focused on building stronger relationships with key individuals, you should dedicate more of your trade show exhibit to conference rooms. If you are trying to build brand awareness, it is best to have big bold graphics in your trade show exhibit, creating a bigger impression.

3. What size booth is right for you?

If you are attending more than one trade show throughout the year, you can create several trade show exhibit sizes, with a custom modular exhibits rental. With proper trade show planning, creating a larger trade show exhibit for your national shows, and keeping in mind that these trade show rental exhibits can be customized and re-configured for smaller regional shows, saving you money and still presenting a consistent look and feel.

4. How can you stretch your exhibiting budget?

Using compact, lightweight trade show exhibit components will help alleviate costs of shipping. An effective trade show exhibit that is reconfigurable will allow exhibitors the ability to create many exhibit solutions from one exhibit. Working closely with your trade show exhibit designer and discussing your long term goals will allow them to plan accordingly and offer solutions.

5. What matters to your target audience?

Answer this question, then make sure that’s what you’re showing on your exhibit. You’ll get to what matters by determining the benefits your clients are seeking and then what your key advantages are. It can take a lot of discussion to arrive at this, starting with what your products are, moving to their features, then the benefits of these features, until you distill the message down to the key benefits that drive your buyers purchasing decisions.

6. What message do you want your visitors to get in the first three seconds? And what do you want them to remember after visiting your trade show booth?

Do you want them to remember your new products, your competitive advantage or your company’s brand image? Don’t flood your trade show exhibit with to much information. Your trade show exhibit should not overload your prospects, by focusing on specific product areas; you are allowing them to gravitate to the part of your trade show exhibit that will give them the solutions they are looking for.

7. What functional needs do you have?

In creating a trade show exhibit display, you are also creating a temporary workspace for your booth staffers. What are their needs? You may need to create areas for demos, presentations, conferences, and storage. And still balance that with your need to create an accessible trade show exhibit with graphic messages.

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  • 1 The Tradeshow Mentor // Sep 9, 2008 at 9:36 am

    Great post!

    Many people are starting to design their own booth nowadays.

    Remember…keep it simple! Years ago, I encountered a booth which was clearly put together by the exhibitor himself. It was saturated with pictures, covering up almost every piece of information (corporate logo, website, etc…)

    Keep It Simple!

    The Tradeshow Mentor
    Ensure Your Tradeshow Success

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