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Trade Show Planning

September 15th, 2008 by Trade Show Help --> · 1 Comment

Many exhibitors start the process of trade show planning & marketing strategies before they have even closed the exhibit hall doors, many do not.  If you find yourself in the category of the latter, here are some timely tips for your upcoming trade shows and events.

Start at least four months before your upcoming trade show, this gives plenty of time for desicion making and marketing strategies:

Weeks 16 – 13 pre-planning for your upcoming trade show your marketing team should begin focusing on your exhibit objectives and your trade show audience.  Your Exhibitor Kit may have arrived, if it hasn’t, contact show services, there is alot of valuable information in these kits.  If you are already working with a exhibit house, contact your project manager to discuss the details.

Brainstorming with your marketing team on the basic exhibit and graphic needs as well as your plan for VIP treatment, press and staff needs.  Create a preliminary budget, look back at earlier plans, past trade shows, and revise your budget as needed.

Getting your entire marketing team together, and involving them in each step of your trade show planning, avoiding multiple changes and they can be made more easily during the preliminary planning. Make sure that everyone is aware of the direction your exhibit marketing & strategies will be headed.

Start appointing your experienced sales & booth staff, those with product knowledge, technical expertise, problem solvers & an outgoing personality.

Weeks 12-6 pre-planning for your upcoming trade show make sure your start & finish dates are in order and you are discussing this with your exhibit house & graphic designers, with continued conversation & questions your plans can stay on track for your upcoming event.

Start preparing your documentation that will be accompanying your sales & booth staff to the trade show, check on the progress of your trade show graphics, booth and any other printed material that was ordered. Continue to monitor your trade show budget as all your information comes in from your suppliers.

Weeks 5-4 pre-planning for your upcoming trade show – confirming your product samples, literature, give-a-ways or any special provisions needed.  Finalize or confirm your travel & hotel arrangement, as well any of your VIP guest programs and pre-event staff educational or motivation programs.

Weeks 3-1 pre-planning for your upcoming trade show – Finalize shipping, exhibit production and training materials.  Organizing the supplies that you will need for your trade show display, travelers checks, company checks & company credit cards.

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  • 1 The Tradeshow Mentor // Sep 16, 2008 at 11:09 am

    Great Post!

    When planning for a convention, nobody really knows when to start preparing for it or how far in the preparations they should be in a given week.

    Your post sets a benchmark for exhibitors to follow!

    The Tradeshow Mentor

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