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Exhibitor Services

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Managing Your Exhibit Properties

Can you define more of the particulars of Exhibitor Services?


Thanks for stopping in at Trade Show Help Gwen, that is a loaded title quite similar to the loaded binders that define Exhibitor Services.

I touched slightly on a recent post titled Trade Show Management & Show Books, but there are many details of Exhibitor Services that newer Marketing Managers are not aware of and often times are over looked.

An Exhibitor Service Manual or Show Book contains the details of various services & forms that an exhibitor will need to fill out, with a variety of deadlines for separate services.  This post will be digested best if it’s broken out into a few parts, so I will start with some of the basics and continue from there.

If you are unsure of where to start you can always seek the advice of a reliable trade show event management partner.  They are usually familiar with a majority of trade shows and various trade show venue’s rules & regulations.

Read on to find out what you will find in a “Show Book”

General Trade Show Information

Delivery & Set Up
Complimentary Badge Allotment (your pass into the trade show)
Badge Color Definitions & Access Areas of those definitions

Trade Show Marketing Materials & Promotional Materials

Which will encompass your Attendee lists for targeting your prospects.  Lead Retrieval Equipment Rental, which we firmly believe to be a great resource for defining your leads and makes a much easier follow up than manually typing in names from collected business cards.

Most likely shows are attended to gain exposure and contacts, I can belabor this point endlessly, but I have seen stat’s that 80% of attendee’s state that they have never been contacted after the event.

Trade Show Rules & Regulations

In this section you will get a glimpse of payments, refunds and cancellation policies.  Space Rental & Your Booth Assignment Location – once your application is accepted you will receive a Confirmation contract.  I&D Instructions, as well as information on storage of packing crates and boxes just to name a few.

Those are just the beginning sections show books…

stay tuned…

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