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27c268bWhen it comes to event marketing, it is often hard to find what will make you stand out on the show floor. Marketing themes and tactics can be trial and error as much as a sales strategy can backfire, therefore, if you don’t find what works yet to really reel-them-in, it is never too late to find what will. Now is the time to think outside your current campaign and do some insightful research?

Ask your audience: Your target market should already be identified for your business. They are the demographics that ideally purchase your products or service and the exact group you tailor all your marketing efforts to. In knowing this already, how does your audience feel you are doing at the show? If you are having trouble reaching this group, then the best way is to find out how to impact your audience is to simply ask them. Tailor your marketing efforts to include some focus groups, pre-show communication and surveys, or utilize the time at a current show to engage them in surveys, questionnaires, or interactive games with key questions that can help you gather the information you need to help create a new niche to showcase your brand.

Know your brand: If you are having trouble identifying your own brand, how do you think your customers are feeling? Brands need to be clear, consistent and reflective of the company’s products or offerings. If you are failing to reach your audience on the show floor, it may have to do with a lack of your brand presence or impact. Your target market won’t know you’re there if you don’t make it apparent and or do your diligence to increase brand awareness and recognition. Make sure you participate in pre-show marketing, place your name in the directory, sponsorships or ad space, and design your exhibit to coincide effectively with your brand so each medium they come in contact with enhances awareness.

Get the best out of your trade show: If you feel you are only exhibiting at events because your competitors are there, then you may need to re-think your strategy. Each event you participate at should be exploited to the fullest. Have new goals and objectives for each event and take every opportunity to really impact your audience with your product or service, regardless if you have anything new or not to showcase; it is going to be new to someone. Make the most out of the time you have with attendees, trade shows are the only vehicle that gives you face-to-face contact with a large group of your target market at one time. If you need to collect more data for a new product line, see how the current product is working, how your clients like it, who doesn’t know about it and other possible feedback, where better to gather that information than on the trade show floor. People like being heard, they want to know their opinions matter and this feedback will only help your R&D and direction for future projects.

Do the opposite: If what you are currently doing at your events isn’t working, maybe it is time to do the opposite. There is nothing wrong with shock and ah. Think of a new clever way to entice your audience and bring them into your booth. Product related or not, people flock to what is new, interesting, unique and interactive. There are ways to tie in messaging, branding and value into out-of-the-box marketing methods that will bring the attendees to you. Do a little research or talk to your exhibit house about ways to draw in a crowd. Ask people what they like, and think about what you like and what grabs your attention at a trade show – the same could work for your clients.

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