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Exhibit Design – Make It Communicate

Design for Marketing Communications

Imagine this: You’re standing proudly in your gorgeous new trade show exhibit, flanked by your boss at the opening of your major industry show. The first attendee approaches, staring at the beautiful trade show exhibit you helped create — only to ask, “So… what is it that you do?”

Ouch. To get your message across and avoid hearing that painful question, ask yourself these questions first

  • Do your exhibit graphics say who you are, what you do, and what is your benefit to them? When you state those clearly, you’ll bring in more visitors – and more qualified visitors.
  • Are you trying to say too much? Trade show attendees walking down the aisle only have time to look at graphics, not read paragraphs. Go for impact over information. Big, bold images and concise copy rule the show floor.
  • Are the words on your exhibit legible? Look out for text that is too small, has low contrast to its background, a type font so “creative” it can’t be read, or is hidden by other exhibit components.
  • Are your graphics sharp? The digital graphic file that was sharp enough for your brochure may be too small to create high resolution large format exhibit graphics.
  • Does your exhibit look like it represents the same company as your other customer touch points – such as your web site, direct mail, or magazine ads? Integrated marketing communications are more memorable than completely different looks in different mediums.

More is less when it comes to your trade show marketing message, make 1 point and make it well

Source: Skyline Displays Knowledge Resources

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