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Improve Your Trade Show Booth Traffic by Drawing Attention to your Booth with Pretty People


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  • 1 Corporate Uniforms // Nov 1, 2009 at 4:32 am

    I agree this is very important – but only if done in the right manner!

    For example I have seen too many companies try to attract people to their stand with paid models – attractive girls (usually) or guys (rarely) who just end up handing out a lot of brochures and showbags. They get a lot of attention from people looking, but only at the people – interest in the product is very low!

    I also know of one business that only hires thin young pretty girls for their regular sales staff – although I suspect this says more about who the boss likes looking at on a daily basis than any well thought out marketing plan!

    In reality, what will generally work best is just to go for the staff you have already rather than models who know nothing about your product – and then make sure they are all in neat well selected uniforms that show professionalism. If it’s a significant event, purchase new ones – a new shirt will always sit better than one that a person has been wearing day in day out. As long as everyone is well presented this will achieve more than the pretty people with zero product knowledge and zero sales skills, standing there handing out flyers and looking pretty.

  • 2 Robyn Davis // Nov 15, 2009 at 6:49 am

    Great points – but I think the key to this issue lies somewhere in between.. Why not have both?

    Select an attractive hostess who is also outgoing, intelligent, and reliable AND provide him or her with a training document to better understand your company and products/services.

    This will enable that “pretty face” to better pre-qualify your attendees, allow you more time to meet with your VIP clients (and prospective clients) during the show, and for him/her actually engage the consumers regarding the product/service you are trying to promote along side your sales representatives as necessary..

    When you do find that host or hostess who can do both, I recommend you hold on tight!

  • 3 Dale // Dec 14, 2009 at 1:09 pm


    As great as it sounds to hire a model and to educate them sounds piratical, but not cost efficient. Many time models concerns are looking the part more so the being the part. When you hire a trade show presenter the have to do more. Cost is much more because that what a presenter does. A model is not a presenter they are show dressing.

    Most companies will not hire models as a presenter, but spend the money to hire a professional presenter which will give a better ROI.

    My advice is to pony up the extra cash and get a professional presenter who will not only look the part, but also have the ability to learn the part.

  • 4 Robyn Davis // Dec 27, 2009 at 7:19 pm


    I would guess that our misunderstanding is in the words “model” “hostess” and “presenter” – which I can understand mean different things to different people.

    However, in my experience, the same person could be hired to 1. stand and look pretty at one event, 2. engage consumers and educate them about products at another event, and 3. make full presentations to individuals and small groups visiting a company’s booth at still another event.

    While I agree with your point regarding costs (the same person would likely request a different salary for each set of responsibilities), I have to disagree that only someone designated as a strictly a “professional presenter” may be equipped to present. Each client and show is unique – and so is each “talent” (model, hostess, presenter…) – not every model can present, and not every presenter could model, but some can do both. I would encourage companies to best utilize their budget by hiring someone flexible and provide him or her with relevant information so they can be as useful as possible (and so that they can quote a fair price for the requested responsibilities).

    In the end, I think we agree – if your show plan requires a presentation, it is typically most beneficial to select someone with the looks AND skills necessary, regardless of what title he or she prefers.

  • 5 Anders // Jan 17, 2010 at 11:28 am

    I believe that “booth babes” or hired models have their place. It depends on the type of show and the type of prospect you are trying to attract.
    In Europe and Japan for example, using “hostesses” is quite common and it some cases expected.
    Your decision can be made by what your show objectives are. In my opinion booth models are effective for attracting male attendees and have them walk into the booth to chit chat whether they are qualified or not. Some companies are at the show just to have a “presence”. Hired models may be the only draw they need for their booth.
    If your objective is about acquiring the most leads possible, and as the saying goes “make hay while the sun shines”. Then you need to use a form of traffic building that can leverage your ability to collect leads. A presentation that can not only stop traffic but communicate a message effectively, and then motivate the herd to get their badges scanned. If a crowd of 150-200 people can be processed like this every hour, the company will be awash in new leads.
    Then you can look at the massage chairs some exhibitors use. These mostly attract fellow tired exhibitors, they do nothing to further business and yet lots of companies use this.
    As Robyn mentioned it can all boil down to budget. No matter what you use to get people in your booth, if you can justify the expense and get a return on your investment then it was a good business decision for that company.
    Different tools for different jobs.

  • 6 Trade Show Exhibits // Jul 21, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Good post, having a professional looking booth is critical to drawing traffic in, I have seen many exhibits that look second rate and you can tell there not getting the traffic they want. In my opinion you should pay the extra cash for a better trade show booth, although many other aspects go into having a successful trade show other than just how nice your booth is…

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