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Property Management & Trade Shows

October 8th, 2008 by Trade Show Help --> · 1 Comment

Is property management and trade show services the same thing? What are the details of property management when it comes to trade shows?


Property Management for Trade Shows encompasses the entire exhibiting program and experience.  Making sure that the logistics and the details for your trade show are taken care of and coordinated carefully.  Many exhibitors find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to not only planning and focusing on trade show marketing, but coordinating the entire process.

There are several online systems that can help you with your trade show property management –  ExhibitForce and Exhibit Track are two that are popular systems with Trade Show Managers and Coordinators.  These programs assist you with the details of your trade show, giving you a centralized location for all your documentation, show books, show forms,  trade show exhibit & display inventory, documentation for budgeting.

Trade Show Property Management software gives you instant access to your exhibit properites so that you can easily plan your trade show strategy with the identification of show selection, marketing & branding, prioritizing your leads after the show.  Detailed information for ROI presentations, booth staff and sales staff scheduling so that you can utilize your entire team flawlessly with detailed schedules and rotations.

Trade Show Property Management helps cover the bases of details that are necessary for a succesful trade show, from, storage, A/V Equipment, staff attire, carpet rental, catering, cleaning, computer rental, electrical, lead retrieval rental and even internet access.  All of the details are at your finger tips before, during and after your trade show.

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